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We specialize in print and online publications in distinct subject areas. This offers clients the benefit of our in-depth experience — and our established relationships with many of the best freelancers in Canada in these fields.


we cover

• Climate change

• Conservation

• Environment

• Geography

• Health and medicine

• History


• Life sciences

• Natural history 

• Nutrition

• Psychology

• Social Sciences 

• Wildlife


Consulting, Writing, Editing, Art Direction 

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Genome Canada

RMC Club of Canada

Canada Foundation
for Innovation

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons


“Putting your readers first is my priority. Working closely with other members of our team, I will ensure your editorial content is the best it can be for your target audience. We strive to present accurate, clear, and interesting information in an engaging package.”

​​We’re award-winning editorial and design professionals who have worked together for two decades, the first at Canadian Geographic, then Checkerspot, a biannual magazine devoted entirely to climate change. We now apply our skills to a wide range of editorial and communications projects, primarily for non-profit organizations.

We have strong connections with the best freelancers across Canada — writers, photographers, illustrators, photo researchers, production artists, translators, and more — and will tap into this talented group as required for your projects, big or small.

Céline Parisien

Creative Director

“My goals are to provide graphic design services at the highest standards, to balance creativity with production deadlines, and exceed clients' expectations.”

sylvia barrett

Editorial Director


Bill Oliver


“The team from Touchplate, led by Sylvia Barrett and Céline Parisien, provides highly professional editorial and design service at a level second to none. Even more impressive, they consistently do this work in a spirit of friendliness, which helps maintain the morale of the entire team.” 

— Royal Military Colleges
Club of Canada

Alan Morantz
Former Editor 

“Sylvia is in a very select group of elite magazine editors. She has earned her place by virtue of experience, sensitivity to authors and their writing, and dedication to her craft. Few indeed can match her abilities as a science writer and editor, an area that requires clarity of thought, respect for scientific accuracy, and commitment to the ‘story.’”

— EQUINOX, Canada’s
Magazine of Discovery

Andrea Matyas
Director, Communications

“I have worked with Céline on many design assignments over a number of years. Not only is her work consistently high-quality, but she is delightful to work with – professional, attentive to detail, and importantly, patient. I would highly recommend her for design services, including project management of both large and small assignments.”

— Genome Canada

Christina Baird
Senior Communications Specialist

“Céline is one of my favourite
graphic designers. I appreciate her professionalism, work ethic, creativity, and open-minded approach to design. She absorbs the full scope of every project so her work is effective, on target, and always respectful of deadlines. Her bilingualism further ensures high-quality products in both official languages. I strongly recommend Touchplate.” 

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada


We will respond to your email within one business day — by telephone, if you wish.

sylvia barrett

Editorial Director

Céline Parisien

Creative Director

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